Monday, August 13, 2007

Sound Clip Trivia
Round 1, Week 5 (FINAL ROUND)

Only in D.A. Pennebaker's Original Cast Album: Company will you find Stephen Sondheim perfecting the pronunciation of Susan Browning's, Pamela Myers's, and Donna McKechnie's "Bobby-Baby, Bobby-Bubbi, Bobby" from "You Can Drive A Person Crazy." Originally meant to be the first episode in an ongoing series documenting the recording of original cast albums, for reasons unknown to Filmbo, Pennebaker never made another episode.

All right, final round. In which film would you find someone humorously singing every credit at the end. I'm sure a few of these names are IMDb-able, so no hint needed.

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Steve said...

Shite! I wish I'd dropped by when this was posted -- I'd have known that in a heartbeat. I used to own a bootleg of Skidoo before I foolishly decided it wasn't worth keeping and taped over it...